Tour Velvet, the #1 Grip Model played on all worldwide Tours is now available with patented ALIGN® Technology to improve clubface awareness and bring more consistency to your game.

Raised Ridge: When the grip is installed on a shaft, the red ridge rises to allow for consistent hand placement and heightened clubface awareness throughout the swing promotes a square clubface both at address and impact.

Improved Clubface Awareness: Align Technology locks in your placement for a consistent, square clubface throughout the swing at address and impact.

Moderate Surface Texture: State-of-the-art rubber blend for maximum playability, and a scientifically designed non-slip consistent traction in all conditions.

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For installation video please go to: Golf Pride Align Grip Installation Video
ALIGN Technology now available in this hybrid grip combines all-weather performance with consistent hand placement.
Available in Standard and Midsize
Grip Specs
  • SizeColorsWeightCore
  • Standard 53g60 ALIGN
  • Midsize                       63.5g         60 ALIGN

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