Crossline 1150 Standard


Part Number 101368 / Core Size .600 Round / Weight 54g

Designed to promote more consistent and precise short game shots, the new Crossline 1150 is the ideal wedge grip with a longer, straighter shape and an enhanced, logo-free Crossline pattern as well as the reduced taper.

The Lamkin Crossline 1150+ golf grip is manufactured with Lamkin’s patented ACE material for unmatched shock absorption and outstanding surface tackiness. The 1150+ grip also features a distinctive pattern that reduces torque and increases hand traction for the ultimate performance in a golf grip.

Another added feature of the Crossline 1150+ is the reduced taper 11.5″ grip length. The extended length and reduced taper is ideal for wedges and allows a player to grip down on their irons without sacrificing grip pressure for added consistency and control.

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Part Number 101368 / Core Size .600 Round / Weight 54grams / Color Grey/White


  • Made with Lamkins ACE shock absorbing the material
  • High surface tack
  • Tour-proven Crossline pattern for improved hand traction
  • Reduced taper (PLUS Sizing) for added consistency and shot control
  • 11.5″ length ideal for wedges and gripping down

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